J on the Drums

John got his first drum set from his dad at the age of 11. John was born playing drums on pots, pans, and cardboard boxes. The first song he played on stage was Philidelphia Freedom by Elton John at age 12. The oldest of the trio, he brings a sophisticated and experienced playing style to the music. His attention to detail shapes and molds each song. John is heavily influenced by Pink Floyd, Neil Pert, Phil Collins, Queen, John Bonham, and many other progressive and alternative rock bands. John is a solid drummer who is always on, and provides the structure of the music with a driving force. John loves recording and performing in front of large crowds!

Outside of music, John enjoys watersports, skating, photography, cooking, dirt biking, Triumph Spitfires, working on his property, and spending time in the garage.


Max playing giutar and singing

Max has been playing guitar since 2012 and started singing in 2014. He got into music because of his dad who was a rock and roll drummer for much of his life. Max started off playing drums, but after picking up guitar he fell in love. Max is heavily influenced by the 90's alternative rock bands, such as: Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, and Bush. He is also influenced greatly by early Green Day and has been compared to Billie Joe Armstrong vocally on numerous occasions. Among other things, Max also draws from Spanish guitar, ska, and funk when writing.

Outside of music, Max enjoys adventure sports, such as: wakeboarding, snowboarding, and dirt biking. Max is a passionate, creative, and the emotional band member who loves being on stage and wouldn’t rather be anywhere else.


Kevin playing giutar and singing

Kevin adds a harder side to the band. He grew up with 80's hard rock and metal blasting over the stereo. He is heavily influenced by bands such as Rush, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Primus, and Rage Against the Machine. His two greatest influences are Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Steve Harris of Iron Maiden. Kevin started playing his dad’s old bass on Christmas in 2013 after receiving an amp as a gift. He got his 6-String bass as a graduation present and he rocks it like pro.

Outside of music, Kevin is a full-time student at UCONN Storrs, majoring in materials engineering. He enjoys baseball and scuba diving. Kevin is logical, intelligent, and tends to write intricate lines and solid grooves to hold up the band.