NOSTO 2017


All Original Music ©2017 by Ray Carroll, JMK Band, Dean Wilkinson, and Living Weary

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00-NOSTO FEST 2017 Windows Media Player Playlist
02-Star Spangled Banner
03-NSHS Band-Intro
04-NSHS Band-Louie Louie
05-NSHS Band-Sweet Caroline
06-NSHS Band-Up Town Funk
07-Ray Carroll-Down on My Luck
08-Ray Carroll-Heading Out on Empty
09-Ray Carroll-She Won't Be Back
10-Ray Carroll-Intro
11-Ray Carroll-Open Mic at the Knick
12-Ray Carroll-Jimmy Cane
13-Ray Carroll-Merle Said it Best
14-Ray Carroll-Working Man Blues
15-Ray Carroll-Hope I Din't Wait Too Long
16-Ray Carroll-She's So Cruel
17-Ray Carroll-In a Dream
18-Ray Carroll-Two Cord Song
19-Ray Carroll-Time
20-Frank Limpert-1941
21-Frank Limpert-Cold Feelin
22-Dean Wilkinson-Cold Steel
23-JMK-When it Rains
24-JMK-Winter Mix
25-JMK-I Don't Know
27-JMK-When I Come Around
28-JMK-Misty Night
31-JMK-Machine Head
33-JMK-Fall Away
36-Abby Premmit-Intro
37-Abby Premmit-Stand By Me
38-Abby Premmit-Traveling Soldier
39-Abby Premmit-Jolene
40-Abby Premmit-Holleluljah
41-Abby Premmit-Never Be Alone
42-Abby Premmit-I'm Yours
43-Abby Premmit-Darling I'm a Mess
44-Abby Premmit-Hey Soul Sister
45-Abby Premmit-Can't Help To Fall in Love with You
46-Living Weary-Endlessly
47-Living Weary-This is Me
48-Living Weary-Home for Me
49-Living Weary-Clutter
50-Living Weary-Something in the Way

NOSTO FEST 2017 Zipped Package


This music was recorded at the North Stonington Middle School-High School grounds in North Stonington, CT using an Android Galaxy 7 Edge on September 23rd, 12:00PM-4:00PM. The image is a screen capture of JMK BAND from the camera video.

Introduction and the Star Spangled Banner performed by Justin Gigliello.

The North Stonington high school Band was instructed and lead by the music teacher, Zackery Thomas.

The country rock band TOMB performed original songs written by Ray Carroll and the band members are: Ray Carroll on lead vox and acoustic guitar, Shawn Allen on the upright bass, Frank Limpert on electric guitar, Dean Wilkinson on electric guitar, and John M. Laabs on the drums.

Frank Limpert performed a couple blues songs and Dean Wilkinson performed an original song called Cold Steel. Both were backed by Shawn Allen on the upright bass and John M. Laabs on drums.

JMK BAND performed original songs from their LIBERTY CD, a couple of covers, and new songs from their next CD called SMOOTHE JAZZ. The JMK BAND members are: Max Laabs on lead vox and electric guitar, Kevin Knowles on bass guitar, and John M. Laabs on drums.

Abby Premmit performed covers using an acoustic ukulele.

Living Weary performed covers and original music. The Living Weary band is Steven Bossie on lead vox and guitar, Brett Walter on backup vox and guitar, Rick Kuehlewind on guitar, Brandon Raimondo on bass, and Brandon Lanphear on drums.


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